Put up prints. They look amazing!

Thanks very much

Helena (Almond Court)

Thank you for supplying the clock so promptly, Just what I needed.

John Albury

Great Clock, arrived really quickly

Gill Fisher

Fast Delivery, Perfect transaction, Thanks

       John Donaghoe

"We contacted Clairmont to help with menu boards and themeing our walls, we received our new Menu Boards and they were very well received. Our residents who all have different types of dementia love the boards as they can see what they are having for their meals, we find it to also be a talking point with our residents.

Clairmont understood exactly what we wanted and have done a marvellous job with the boards, and to be honest I can't wait to see what they come with for our themed walls. Clairmont are an amazing company with whom I hope to do a lot more business with in the future".

                                                                                                                                                                              Almond Court 

We recently revamped our menus and use visual menu boards on each floor. I cannot fault the service and quality of the product we received from Clairmont. The pictures (of the bespoke menu cards) were exactly what we were looking for with clear bold text also describing what each dish is. I would not hesitate to recommend Clairmont to anyone that requires any of the services they provide".

                                                                                                                                                                               Aughton Park

"Ideal clock for people with dementia, clear to see whether it's day or night'


"Perfect. This clock will enhance the life of so many people."


"Very pleased with clock. It will help Dad lots. Thank you"


"Very easy to use for the elderly, good product. Arrived set and with battery"


Great Clock!!    Instant Success!!    Many Thanks

Tom Hall

"Clocks and Signage from Clairmont

As part of our improvement plan for patients with dementia attending the Royal Free Hospital, London, we decided to work on making the ward environment more appropriate and easier for a  person with dementia to navigate. We approached Clairmont and discussed our ideas with them, they offered to visit us and help us decide on the amount of signage we would need, I was impressed with the fact they cautioned against overuse of signage and suggested we simply highlight toilet and showers. We have also designed an orientation sign to remind patients where they are when lying in bed. Clairmont has also supplied us with high visibility clocks to aid orientation.

The team at Clairmont have been incredibly helpful, designing (and redesigning) the signs to our specification, providing good advice and also speedy delivery of our order. We have worked in partnership to develop the best solution for our wards which is not too intrusive or patronising for patients but does the job of helping orientate and direct people with dementia in hospital.

We have had one complaint from our Clinical Psychologist who states that the orientation signs have made it harder for him to assess capacity in patients as they can now always answer the "Do you know where you are" question correctly.

I would recommend Clairmont to any hospital who wants to improve the environment for people living with dementia without compromising the dignity of the patients"

Jo James

Lead Nurse Dementia

Royal Free Hospial

Clairmont are proud to supply