The Past times Chronicle was commissioned by Clairmont to provide care homes with iconic news stories from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The single page per story allows us to use larger than normal print and the addition of a photograph relevant to the event maintains the illusion of a real newspaper.

They are available in 3 different formats;

  • A4 Booklet containing 15 Historic News Articles
  • Unmounted Single Historic Article Poster (size 600mm x 400mm)
  • Framed Single Historic Article Posters (size 600mm x 400mm)

The booklet pages are ideal for use in reminiscence sessions. There are 15 individual stories contained in the booklet;

1950’s – Churchill resigns office, Queen Elizabeth coronation, 4 minute mile.

1960’s – Chimp in space, Kennedy / Nixon debate, Mandela jailed, First Heart Transplant.

1970’s – Elvis dead, Apollo 15 moon landing, Charles Manson, Sid Vicious

1980’s – Iran embassy siege, Thatcher not for turning, Charles & Diana wedding, BBC breakfast tv.

The booklet comes with Care Home Name on the front cover

The pages are also available as wall posters which  are available as framed or unframed single articles.

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Past Times Chronicle Booklet

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