• Bank Notes

These assist with retaining independence and a feeling of security for residents living with dementia. It is difficult for us to imagine the anxiety caused by living in strange surroundings with an inability to pay for anything.

We had an interesting anecdote from a care home manager where a man in the care home was used to getting £5 per week ‘pocket money’ from his family. The £5 was stopped as the family could not account for where the money was spent. Following this decision the man began to show little or no interest in what was going on around about him, he stopped eating and communicating. The care home manager was very conscious of this and gave him one of our £5 notes. The impact was instant so much so on an outing to a local cafe the man offered to 'treat everyone to tea.'

The notes will not work for everyone, as each person is at different stages of dementia, but the security of having money in your pocket or purse is undeniably strong.

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Bank Notes

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