Clairmont - Enabling and supporting those affected by Dementia

Clairmont has over 10 years experience in supporting people living with Dementia in a variety of environments. Our products are suitable for all types of Dementia including Alzheimer's, Vascular, Lewy Bodies and Korsakoff Syndrome. Our designs also incorporate principles in enabling people with visual impairment and learning disabilities. This is of particular importance as people with Down's Syndrome in their mid life have a much higher risk of Dementia.

Our clocks, signage and specialised products have been designed and redesigned from user feedback and in line with current research/best practice guides. Incorporated into these design principles are many of the difficulties that also come with older age, in particular visual perceptual issues. We are able to achieve this through our in house Optometrist and advice on new signage from Dementia Specialists.

We manufacture all our products and therefore they can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. We can supply single products to full make overs so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

At Clairmont we aim to provide good quality care for everyone living with Dementia. We are extremely proud that we provide this support to Care Homes, Supported Living Accommodation, Domestic Homes, Faith Centres, Shops and other premises across the UK and Ireland. 

Clairmont are proud to supply