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Clairmont has designed and manufactured a range of signage for Care Homes, Hospitals and other establishments caring for older people or those living with Dementia. We offer a standard range of signage which can be customised if needed.

Our directional and door signage are mounted on 3mm acrylic which finishes our signs to the highest standard and durability. 

Our signage has been designed with text and graphics that are highly contrasting with the background of the sign. This is especially important as contrast sensitivity declines with the ageing eye. Our tried and tested colour combinations and images are used to be easily recognisable. Our signs are not overly cluttered with information but with a simple image and text to provide a clear visual cue which is of special benefit to those living with dementia, special needs and visual impairment. 

All of our signage is easy to clean and complies with hospital infection control standards. It has a matt finish to minimise unwanted or misleading surface reflections which can increase confusion and decrease legibility.

Our unique 'Tactile' option can be added to most signs where the graphic and the lettering is raised giving the signage a  3- dimensional effect which encourages touch interaction with the sign. In dementia we know the cognitive abilities are lost and the five senses are more heavily relied upon. Tactile signage makes the use of both the sense of sight and touch.

Although dementia specific signage is our specialty at Clairmont we can produce any signage you may require. Our website displays only a sample of our work so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss you individual internal and external signage.

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